Summer Reading Camp

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July 2017  Here are some pictures of the summer reading camp event that Always Hope Animal Rescue took part in tonight at Challenger Elementary School and Howell.



Sebastian birthday 2  Sebastian birthday 1

A big THANK YOU to a special 9 year old named Sebastian. He had a “dog” themed birthday party with stuffed puppy adoptions and even snacks in dog bowls. He asked all of his birthday presents to be items that Always Hope Animal Rescued needed such as dog and cat food, litter, toys, paper towels etc. Thank you for the many donations that are needed and will be put to good use by all of our fosters! 🙂

Always Hope continues to be blessed. This is our third year being asked to visit the 5th grade class at St. Joseph Catholic School in Howell during Bless The Pets week. The class brought in a lot of wonderful donations to help our rescue out. THANK YOU to Mrs. Blanton and all 21 of her students for all of their hard work and generosity. 🙂


Happily Ever After !

womannkitten family



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Intake Organized Chaos

11-28-13  There is a lot that goes into taking in new animals.  Always Hope was part of a big transport and took in 22 dogs into their many foster homes.  In order to make something like this work, we had 7 people working non stop for almost two hours. 

All of the animals are checked in, weighed, given the necessary vaccines, de-wormings, flea and heart worm medication.  They are then bathed and sent off to their new foster home. 

Without the help of all of our wonderful volunteers this would not be possible.  Here are some pictures of that evening.  Always Hope Animal Rescue is completely run by volunteers.  Any donation that is made goes directly to the care of the animals.

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