New Additions

These are animals that are new to Always Hope Animal Rescue. They may not be up for adoption yet but will be when they are ready.  Please check our Adoptable Pets to see which animals are available for adoption at this time.

Moms and kittens

kittens n mom orange orange mom multi kits

kittens n mom striped orange cat

5/4/15   Always Hope Animal Rescue helped out with a hoarding situation today. The gentle women was trying to do the right thing but things got out of hand very fast. We took in 6 moms and their kittens today. They are all about 3-4 weeks old. Here are pictures of 4 of the moms. Updates will be posted on our FB page and website over the next few weeks.


‘Little Man’ kitten


4-22-15  This little guy was found as a stray. He will be available for adoption in 2-3 wks as he is only 6 weeks old now. He has very cool white markings and a loving personality. He was so happy to be found and loved by his foster mom.


Labrador/Boxer puppies

dad Box mon Lab

4-14-15  Our foster babies are 6 weeks old and snugly. They have a purebred Lab mom and a purebred Boxer dad.  With that mix they are already family friendly and waiting for your guidance and love.  They will be up for adoption in 2-3 weeks.


Sarah and Pups

Sarah 2 Sarah puppy 1

43705, Sarah and Pups Sarah 1sit

3/31/15  Meet Sarah and her puppies. Sarah had 7 puppies of her own and the shelter that she was in had 3 abandoned puppies with out a mom and Sarah took them in and is nursing them as her own.  Sarah is a 2 year old Border Collie mix and her puppies are just 2 weeks old.  Watch for updates as they grow!!   :)


Bella and her adorable kittens

bella 2 Bella bella 1

4/9/15  Introducing Bella and her kittens! Pregnant Bella was schedule to be put down at a shelter. Always Hope stepped in to rescue her and her unborn kittens. They were born recently and the kittens and Bella are doing great! : )



Please keep watching this page for the new furry friends that will be coming…