New Additions


  These are animals that are new to Always Hope Animal Rescue. They may not be up for adoption yet but will be when they are ready.  Please check our Adoptable Pets to see which animals are available for adoption at this time.



New Arrivals

Louie Bailey Sandy

boy momma Girl

8/17/16    Always Hope is taking in these sweet dogs on Thursday 8/18/16, on a transport. We will hold them for 2 weeks (to help ensure their health) and then they will go up for adoption on or about September 3rd. Watch for them on our website. 



8/11/16  Update    Iris and her kittens are doing great. Her precious babies are now 2 weeks old. Their eyes have opened and are moving around. We are making sure they are being handled so that they will be well socialized. Iris continues to be a good mom.

Irisnkittens2 Irisnkittens3 Irisnkitten1


7/27/16   Iris and her newborn kittens

Iris 1 7_23 Iris 2 7_23

A young man and his friends were in down town Brighton and noticed a VERY pregnant cat wondering around trying to get someones attention.  They pet her a few times and went on their way.   A few hours later about 1:30am when they were ready to head home this gentlemen couldn’t get that poor pregnant cat out of his mind.  He went back to the location and she was still there.  He loaded her up in his car and sent a text to his mom.  She advised him not to bring her home as she didn’t know what they would do with her.  His response was, “Well she’s already in my car and I’m headed home”.

Poor Iris had her kittens just 5 hours later.  Thank goodness for this good Samaritan or who knows where she would have had them.

Mom & kittens are not in an Always Hope foster home and doing great.  We had a litter of newborns come in and one wasn’t taking to the bottle so we put it with Iris’s 6 kittens and she is taking care of it like it’s her own.  Watch for updated pictures as these little babies start to grow.  🙂


  Meet our sweetheart Marlene

Marlene 1 Marlene 2

8/11/16      Marlene is the 10 month old puppy we took in that was found lying in someone’s front yard for 3 hours after being hit by a car. Animal Control at the shelter in Ohio picked her up. There wasn’t any offers for a rescue to pull her so Always Hope stepped up and took her in. She had surgery on June 13th for a broken femur. The surgery was a success and the pin in her leg can come out the first week of August. Her foster mom is keeping it scrubbed 2x a day and she is doing great. Not sure who is looking forward to the come coming off and her pin coming out more, her or her foster mom.
      Marlene is an awesome, sweet girl and has done great with all of the other dogs and puppies in her foster home as well as the cats and kids. She will be looking for a home of her own in August.


8/11/16    These new faces are available for adoption. They are all absolute love bugs and very social with everyone due to being hand held and snuggled since birth. They are completely litter trained and just waiting to snuggle their new family! Click on Adoptable Pets  for more information. 

Jelly  Pumbaxter

Kahl Bentley Rene

Cir BasNig







Please keep watching this page for the new furry friends that will be coming…