New Additions

   These are animals that are new to Always Hope Animal Rescue. They may not be up for adoption yet but will be when they are ready.  Please check our Adoptable Pets to see which animals are available for adoption at this time.


Monarch’s kittens and Monarch

IMG952922 IMG952924 IMG952968 Monarch 4 Monarch 2


9-19-18   Monarch and her babies are doing great.  Monarch has been fixed and is looking for a home of her own.  Her kittens are in a foster home and gaining weight so that they can be fixed and find new homes.  Monarch did a great job raising these four beautiful babies.  <3


Meet Gracie and her precious puppies

Grace puppy 1 3 wks Gracie puppy 4 3 weeks

Grace puppy 2 3 weeks Gracie puppy 5 3 weeks

8/30/17  Gracie’s puppies at 3 weeks old are doing great! (pictured above)


Gracie pups 1 day old Gracie pups 1 day

Gracie pups 1 day 1 Gracie pups 1 day 2

8-13-18   Meet Gracie and her 11 puppies. Yes, that’s right ELEVEN. They were born 8/7 and are doing great so far. Gracie is being a wonderful mom. Gracie is a Lab mix and is just as sweet as can be. She is great with everyone and we are looking forward to watching her puppies grow. We will post updated pictures every few weeks.  

Gracie pup 8 Gracie pup 1 Gracie pup 2 Gracie pup 3 Gracie pup 4 Gracie pup 5 Gracie pup 6 Gracie pup 7

9-17-18  Update on Gracie’s puppies
Gracie’s puppies are already 5 1/2 weeks old!!!!  They are eating on their own and doing great.  They are very socialized and getting lots of love and attention in their foster home.  They all have their own personalities but are all a lot of fun. <3

Meet Monarch and her kittens

Monarch n kittens  Monarchs kitten 1

Monarch's kitten 3  Monarch's kitten 4
8-13-18   Meet Monarch. She was found under someones deck and had kittens. She was in pretty rough shape and the family took her in and asked Always Hope to take them in. They are all getting fat and healthy and are doing well in their foster home. Monarch and her kittens are very sweet and social. They are 4-5 weeks old. Watch for updated pictures in the future.


Please keep watching this page for the new furry friends that will be coming…