New Additions

These are animals that are new to Always Hope Animal Rescue. They may not be up for adoption yet but will be when they are ready.  Please check our Adoptable Pets to see which animals are available for adoption at this time.

New additions to the Always Hope Family

1/29/20   These sweet 4 legged babies are all coming to Always Hope this week.  Since we always hold our puppies for 2 weeks before adopting them out, they will be at our adoption event on Saturday 2/15. Watch our website under Adoptable Pets as well as our Facebook page for more info closer to that date. 


3pup  1pup

pupinseat  tanpup

1/29/20   Meet Stardust. She was a stray that a Good Samaritan took in and asked always Hope Animal Rescue for help. She will be getting fixed and will be available for adoption at our event at Pet Supplies Plus in Howell on February 15th.





Our  –  ‘Hope’    🙂

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Hope is a 10 year old pregnant dog that Always Hope was supposed to take in.  The day before her transport, a shelter volunteer forgot to latch her cage and she got out.  After over a week of trying to capture her and TONS of prayers the shelter worker Teresa was finally able to catch her and load her in her vehicle.  She came to our rescue on 1/21.

Hope has had a tough past.  She escaped a burning trailer 4 years ago in rural Kentucky.  She has been running loose for all this time.  She has no place to call home and continues to have litter after litter.  She received no vet care, no human contact and was continuously shot at trying to find food for herself and her puppies at the time.  She found some comfort on the port of a home.  They allowed Hope to sleep there and put food & water out for her but that was it.  No human contact, no medical.  When asked about her puppies the homeowners said, “We see them and then we don’t”.  Hope’s story was so heartbreaking and we know that we had to give her a better life.  She came to us tired, old and of course pregnant. 


1/21/20  HOPE UPDATE:

Hope is doing great. I can tell she has a very gentle soul. She is absolutely beautiful!!! She is doing a TON of sleeping and has been eating and drinking too. Mostly sleeping though.   I’m sure it’s from everything she’s had to endure. She knows she’s safe. She wags her tail when we talk to her.  She does not like the leash yet. She fights me and rolls around but I don’t blame her, it’s all new and very scary. She needs time, love and patience and I’ve got all three. We were told that she was seen with a male dog “on her” and when we count 62 days from that day we get February 10th so we are thinking she will deliver her puppies about then. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.   -Ann Marie



Hope tested positive for heart worm. Something that did not shocked us. Not much we can do now, have to wait till after the babies are born and they are weaned. Her lungs and heart sound good right now. We’re going to get a full blood panel on her in the next few days. She continues to eat and drink very well and is getting lots of good rest. She has yet to go to the bathroom and it’s a struggle getting her outside. I have no worries that she will come around and be just fine. Just going to take some time.    Please continue to keep her in your prayers.



Hope is doing great……for a scared 10 year old pregnant dog she’s dog she’s doing great.  The shelter employee that worked with her before she got out (the same one that caught her) said that she “smiles”.  Well I saw it last night for the first time.  I went in to sit with her and she was wagging her tail and did this goofy thing with her mouth.  She looked ridiculous but she was in fact “smiling”.  LOVED IT.

She continues to eat and drink well.  She does NOT like any pulling on her collar.  I have gotten her outside twice to try and let her go to the bathroom but she fought me the whole time.  I don’t want to stress her out any more than I have to.  She does have a cedar area in her kennel for her to go potty in and she finally used it the night before last.  She is resting and sleeping great.

Working on finding a tick medicine that is safe for pregnant dogs because we have found a few on her.  Hoping to be able to give her a bath soon but don’t want to stress her out more than we have to. Every time I look at Hope my heart smiles and breaks at the same time.  I know she’s safe and will no longer have to hunt for her own food or be shot at.  This will be her very last litter of puppies.  It’s just so sad that she has a few tough months ahead between giving birth and her getting heart worm treatment but she will get the absolute care and all the love she needs during all of it. We are thinking of doing a FB live feed when she has her puppies.  Hoping it’s not a 3:00 in the morning. J   I will continue to update you on her progress and hurdles.   Ann Marie


1/25/20   Hope continues to get more and more relaxed. I gave her a tick medication that was safe for pregnant dogs last night. These are the dead ticks I found on her bedding tonight. There has to be at least 30. UUGGGHHHH!!!!          -Ann Marie

1/26/20 – Hope was happy to see me this morning. 😊          Hope got her first bath in at least four years. I was so stressed that I would be struggling with her. I had a great assistant, my daughter-in-law Ashley. Hope just stood there and enjoyed it all the way to the end. Love this girl.


2/9/20   Hope gave birth to her beautiful puppies!!   You can follow the story and see amazing videos and pictures here on our facebook page.   🙂











Please keep watching this page for the new furry friends that will be coming…