New Additions


  These are animals that are new to Always Hope Animal Rescue. They may not be up for adoption yet but will be when they are ready.  Please check our Adoptable Pets to see which animals are available for adoption at this time.



Tamera and her sweet kittens

momcat twokit

kittenpile  greykit

4/26/17   Tamera had her kittens and they are doing great!  Please click here to visit our facebook page for videos and more information.

Tamere – She came to Always Hope after being live trapped for a Trap-Neuter-Release program. She was very sweet and in no way feral.   They asked Always Hope to take her in after realizing she may be pregnant. It was confirmed via ultra sound at Town Center Vet in Howell that she is indeed pregnant. She is being taken care of in a foster home where she will be able to have her kittens in a loving and social environment. She is very sweet and as you can see she has very neat marking.


Meet the Family

Phoenix Figaro

new mamma

3-23-17  Always Hope was asked to help out a special needs person who had too many cats. We took in a mamma cat and her two 9 month old kittens as well as her six 4 week old kittens. They are healthy and in the process of getting vaccines and medical that they did not have before. They are a little bit freaked out but settling into their foster home well.  

They will be getting fixed and put up for adoption when they are ready. Keep watching this page for updates.








Please keep watching this page for the new furry friends that will be coming…